Locally produced food is close to our heart. Here are some of our suppliers and producers:


The ecologic farm of Svarfvars lies less than 10 km away from Svartå Manor. On top of vegetables and herbs of high quality they can at times deliver ecological meat from their own farm. Svarfvars is also doing wholesales with ecologic vegetables of high quality.

Solgård farm

We buy all our eggs from Solgård farm in Inkoo, about 10 km from Svartå.

Jan Westerholm

From our fisherman in Snappertuna we get  the best & fresh fish many times every week.

Svartå Mill

Svartå  Mill is Finland's oldest, still in use being, mill. Svartå mill was established  in 1560. We bake our bread from Svartå mills high quality flour for example spelt. The mill is situated by  Svartå River, less than a kilometre from the Castle.

Bålaby Gård

The good tasting potatoes for Slottskrogen is grown at Bålaby gård in Svartå.


In the Reception and in the Castle we sell our near producers products. You can buy home with you for example Slottkrogens bread, Slottkrogens honey, flour from Svartå mill, Slottkrogens marmalade and chocolate, vinaigrette and spiced oils. Welcome in, to do some shopping!