mustionlinna, ravintola linnankrouvi, kalaa ja ruusuja


At Svartå Manor's restaurant we serve you
art and feeling on your plate.

The food is carefully planned with great passion. In every dish there's a view on life,
pleasure and a ways to express oneself.
The kitchen is dynamic and while sometimes getting exited by simlpy loving what they do, everyone takes their job seriously.
Food is for us a ways of expression and making you feel.

We want what's good. There you have it.

The restaurant is open according to bookings in January, February and March.
More on our opening hours from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don't forget our winter events:
Valentine's Day dinner on 14.2 and the
Stuttgart culinaryteam-dinner on 7.3


Ruokafilosofiamme rakentuu ylpeydelle ainutlaatuisista raaka-aineista. Keskellä maaseutua se on oikeasti mahdollista!